Gatwick Communicators - Meetings

Where is the club?

We usually meet at the St. Barnabas Church Hall. Address: St. Barnabas Church Hall, Worth Road, Crawley, RH10 7DY

When do you meet?

Our meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Arrival from 7.00pm Start Time 7.15pm Short Break Arounf 8.00 - 8.15pm Finish 9.15pm


There is free parking available on the streets nearby and at the shops. Best road to park on is Crawley Lane.

What happens at the club?

A general outline we follow… 7.15pm – Welcomer starts the club (speaking opportunity) 7.20pm – Presidents slot (speaking opportunity) 7.25pm – Toastmaster begins (host for the evening – improves your speaking and leadership skills) 7.30pm – Introduction of roles such as Grammarian, Timekeeper, General Evaluator (< all roles are done by members to improve their leadership and speaking skills) 7.35pm – 3-4 Prepared Speeches (< learn the art of public speaking where you work through projects teaching you skills like, speech preparation, vocal variety, timing and delivery) 8.00pm – Short break (chat, toilet, drinks!) 8.15pm – Evaluation of the speeches (as speakers we are looking to improve our speaking skills. Evaluation positively focus’s on one area for the speaker to work on) 8.25pm – Table Topics (a chance for those who haven’t had a chance to speak to try out impromptu speaking for 1-2 minutes on a chosen topic – guests welcome to have a go) 8.40pm – Other roles (such as Grammarian giving insights into grammar, Timekeeper on the timings, General Evaluator evaluating the whole meeting) 8.55pm – President closes the meeting All in all there are plenty of speaking opportunities throughout the meeting for members. You also learn other vital skills such as hosting, listening (while evaluating) and impromptu speaking! If you’re a guest visiting you can even get the chance to speak on stage at the impromptu speaking part!

Does it cost anything?

Attending the meetings are free until you decide to become a member There is a £20 joining free And a membership costs £90 every 6 months

What should I wear?

We don’t have any fancy dress codes. You can wear whatever feels comfortable to you

Are there any age restriction?

You have to be 18 or over to join as a member, but you can come along to a meeting for a visit, see what it’s all about and hopefully take away some speaking tips.